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190910 - Blogging like crazy~

I dunno why but I dislike tumblr. I can't write what I feel like there.
I love LJ more, even though I'm not online a lot.
I should probably write more drabbles.
I should write more RPs.
I should use PS too.

I'm a busy person :P

Tomorrow, school starts. I am really excited ^^

**I just became 2ne1 fan~

Nan cham bappeun geol, I welcome you to my world. ^^


I'm bored!

Well I stole it from some one :P Just read and fill it if you want.

My original/current biases in K-pop!Collapse )


Name: Disappointed in yourself
Number: None. Requested by: faiaddicted
Pairing: KyuhyunxSungmin (known as Kyumin <3)
Genre: One or two cusses!
Warning: Boyxboy!
Author: aa_koliqizm192
Summary: It's 4th of July and tomorrow Kangin is leaving. What's happening at the dorm?
Note: It's a request fic. faiaddicted helped me to get a subject! Thanks, unnie!
Note2: Written in Kyuhyun POV.

Did you date Kangin before?

Feather (Kyumin)

Name: Feather
Number: None.
Pairing: KyuhyunxSungmin
Genre: Not good with them!
Warning: Boyxboy (with no action!) and language (just once or twice!)
Author: aa_koliqizm192
Summary: When Sungmin founds a feather on the ground while going home, all his interest becomes that feather.
Note: Idea from faiaddicted

The hell, Min? What if it's infected?

First YEBUM!

Name: Flirt
Number: 33/100
Pairing: YesungxKibum
Genre: OOC!
Warning: I just wrote what I felt like~ And some language~
Author: aa_koliqizm192
Summary: Where is Kibum?
Note: It's for Super Junior 100 fanfics challenge.
Note2: My 100 fanfics list.
Note3: To look at the challenge, Click here.
Note4: I looked at the closest birthdays and Kibum+Yesung's were the ones~ So just inspired to write it.

I'll never admit that either.

[Request] Miracle

Name: Miracle
Number: None. Requested by: akihikaru 
Pairing: KyuhyunxSungmin (known as Kyumin <3)
Genre: AU.
Warning: Boyxboy!
Author: aa_koliqizm192
Summary: He never asked his hyung how he felt about it.
Note: It's a request fic. faiaddicted helped me to get a subject! Thanks, unnie!

Have you watched the drama named "You Are Beautiful"?

[Discussion] Jay Park and 6PM.

 Well, I've not been a fan for long. I've become one after Jay left. So I didn't know about the whole stuation. A week before, I listened conference of 2PM with fans. Well, I do not know what Jay did but if he still has the, you know, want to show himself to people, then it's just bad to 2PM. He sent a video for God's sake. 
Maybe 6PM's over reacting.
Maybe we are.

But still, I can't help but cry at the fan screams. "Kidari da Park Jaebeom, kidari da 2PM". If you didn't hear it, go to youtube and watch Heartbeat's goodbye stage. It's at the end. "My heart is beating-faster and faster" parts.

Jay is <3
Because they got nothing on Jay.


I made a challenge and I was 1st to join it:

Start day: 12nd of July~
Here's my list

**Dunno how to write Joon/Seungho~! Lol.

Thanks to Featherie~

Anyone The first five people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.

Because I requested a Hanchul from Featherie, I have to post this. ;__;

-Super Junior~
-MBLAQ (I became a fan recently so AU would be ok.)

Yeps, who wins? XD

1-akihikaru = requested Kyumin = Miracle, Kyumin for Akuhikaru

Writer's Block: Love is deaf

Could you spend the rest of your life with someone who had horrific taste in music? How important is it to you to share your love of music with a good friend or romantic partner?

Love can be deaf t I'm not ~ I live with music. So I can't and couldn't. Won't either.